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The success and wellness of our patients matters to us!
See what our patients are saying about the care they received at Fredonia Physical Therapy.


“Randy & Staff-

I just wanted to thank all of you for your kindness & professionalism. Everyone in your office was so kind and friendly-starting with Ruth Ann’s smile at the front desk. Kelly and Miranda are both excellent. Once again, I was so impressed with the care in your office. Even though I have retired from my practice, I will continue to “promote” your office when asked.” ~ PB



“Dear Randy, Brad, Kelly, Miranda and Ruth Ann,

Thank you for all you have done for Jerry at PT. He looked forward to all of his sessions with you. We appreciate your motivation, encouragement, and skill helping Jerry learn to walk again. We look forward to returning in April!!” ~ M&JB




“All of you! Thank you all so much for your help and goodwill. I will make sure to recommend Fredonia Physical Therapy to others!” Sincerely, ~ JS



"If you're in need of physical therapy you have to give the staff here a chance to help you! They are truly amazing! I have been to other places locally and they just do not compare to Fredonia PT! If you have been to other places and have given up and just deal with he pain give them a chance to help you like they are helping me! Not only are they highly skilled and effective with treatment the are all so welcoming and friendly! They have given me hope and have helped me to see progress!" ~ EL


“Thank you all for your pleasant attention.” Sincerely, ~ RS



“1. I can walk up and down stairs almost as good as before my injury.

 2. I can walk briskly. I can run.

 3. I have good range of motion in my knee.

 4. I can do my outdoor yardwork with ease.

 5. I can play soccer with my son.


Thanks for your help! I enjoyed the staff and appreciate the friendly attitudes.” ~ KP




“Things that have gotten better with my ankle:

-Swelling decreased

-Better mobility

-Better balance

-More normal gait

-More normal mechanics going down stairs

-Stronger ☺” ~ LM



“-No pain when walking in the mall for 4 hours in the hip area

 -Feel more limber after the therapy when I leave

 -Walking with a better gait” ~ NG



“1. I can turn over in bed without sitting up first.

 2. I can get in and out of car without pain most of the time.

 3. I can use right arm to stretch out for something.

 4. I can bend over and get something off the floor.

 5. I can twist my waist from right to left.

 6. I can get clothes out of the drier.” ~ NK



“Things that are easier than when I began:

-Walking up and down any steps without fearing my leg wouldn’t support me.

-Standing on a chair to get to high objects.

-Enduring car rides over 30 minutes.” ~  DG



We accept all insurances, including workers’ compensation and no fault,

and treat all ages, from infancy on.

Let us help you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing!

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